Services for Recruitment Agencies - 1st Contact CV Flow

1st Contact is one of the leading providers of services for new candidates that arrive in the UK in both the skilled and unskilled markets. We offer them a large range of services - from opening bank accounts to facilitating international money transfers and visa applications. We also offer them our umbrella and accounting services, and independent financial advice.

In a nutshell, we provide the helping hand your candidates so often need when settling into a new country.

How does the 1st Contact CV Flow work?

CV flow
Why 1st Contact?

Our network is huge. With offices in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, we have exposure to key source markets
across these countries, and source many of our skilled candidates from here. Our “UK Kickstart” and “National
Insurance Number” services are also great sources for newly-arrived candidates.
We receive 10 000 new clients each year – and around 80% of them still need to register with an employment agency.

How does this benefit you as the recruitment agency?

We can give you access to a steady flow of qualified candidates. These candidates can be contacted up to three weeks
before they arrive in the UK, giving you a head start on the competition.
Critically, all these candidates have the appropriate visa, and are committed to settling in the UK.

What does it cost?

Nothing. The 1st Contact CV Flow is a complimentary service, with no hidden fees or charges. We simply request that any
candidates supplied in this way are referred back to us for their payroll solutions.