Terms and Conditions

  • In order for us to assist you, you will need to hold a valid UK/EU passport or UK visa, and have confirmed UK travel plans. We may, on demand, need to request proof of your passport and travel status before submitting your details to recruitment agencies.
  • Our agencies have requested to receive only one CV per candidate – so there’s no opportunity for submitting revised CV’s. Please make sure your CV is accurate and up-to-date the first time. Duplicate/multiple submissions can not be forwarded on.
  • WE CAN NOT ASSIST with Job Assistance if you have ALREADY ARRIVED IN THE UK, LOOKING TO WORK IN THE UK. Due to recruitment agency requirements this service is only available for clients still in their home country preparing to come to the UK or have come through our Kickstart Programme. This is beneficial for both yourself and the agency, as your CV goes straight through our unique international pipeline which recruitment agencies actively monitor for candidates who are overseas.
  • This is a Job Assistance service, we simply provide assistance by distributing your details & CV to agencies in your field. 1st Contact Job Assistance acts as an introducer of candidatures to relevant agencies – we do not guarantee that you will be placed.
  • Your details are kept confidential. As part of this service and by accepting these Terms and Conditions, you authorise us to pass your details to selected and relevant agencies. These details will not be passed to any other third parties outside of 1st Contact Group